Where is the driver for radeon xpressm? In the game and in the menu, the environment is fine, BUT all the people are dismembered! January 8, at Soory, look under “integrated motherboard graphics”. Brand new laptops I saw an ad for a new Asus brand with a Turion64 X2 due out very soon are being built with these chips.

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Hi all, I’m sorry if this has been posted, I looked around and didn’t find anything but I’m probably just blind. Now here is the funny part, after installing the newest drivers and updating my windows my system specs are theese:.

Back in November of I bought a HP zvus laptop. Thanks for your quick reply.

GPU, OpenGL and OpenCL database

Please advise what to do next. I also took a run at Linux on it. This is the bit I don’t know of. July 1, at I had the same problem.

So there you have it. Hey had the same issue and found a solution, now the problem is that the drivers on your pc dont use opengl even though the card has the ablity to use opengl 2.

ATI Radeon Xpress 200M and OpenGL games

I had problems too but i managed to find a 3rd party driver that seems to work ok. I followed your suggestion, installed the driver pack using the options below:.


December 15, at 5: I have a game called solider of fortune test demo and it dous ent work it keeps on saying i need a 3dfxvoodoo rush or a voodoo 2 or a voodoo 3D accelerator and i dont no what to do or y it dous not let me play the game if some one know how i can solv this problems please let me know by going to http: March 31, at I think it has something to do with hardware.

Just a word to the wise when choosing graphics cards later in the future. Frustrating card, ditto what everyone has said about an outstanding lack of support. But I can say that even as of today, nearly 3 years since my original post, the Xpress m is utterly incapable of playing any sort of OpenGL games.

December 26, at 2: Sorry guys you forgot about the end users again! Drivermax is free and so are the drivers hoped i helped: The laptop originally came with Window Vista, and I upgraded to Window 7 ages ago. Sorry, forgot to mention 200m OS is Window 7, 32 bit. But I did find a way to use the latest 7. December 4, at I have Fujitsu siemens amilo li with 2 Gb of ram, Core Duo 1.


I just updated to 8. January 17, at 7: Ok, so after hours upon serie of research and tinkering around, I updated my ATI software and drivers to the 8.

Guess it has not worked. Since most of you guys played WOW without problems do you know what might be the solution?

S, and maybe the older battfields like vietnam… and maybe some stratgy games… this laptop is mainly for work use but i figure i can play some at work in the little time i have to keep my self busy when i get bored lol…. Anyway i installed deamon tools and the computer went into a circle of rebooting after bsod everytime so i 200k a complete format and installed the things from scratch. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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