You need to somehow get bfwcutter installed on your system. I have been reading, and using Google, but I either don’t know where to look or I come across an answer with technical terms I am not familiar with. Just starting out and have a question? Mar 15 ’13 at That have already worked for me four times it may happen any time you are forcing a shutdown or disconnecting the Wi-Fi. So what you will need after this search is:.

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Special thanks to chili who helped in the Ubuntu forums and on this site with many questions related bcmm94312hmg Wireless devices and to others who have contributed through E-Mail, chats, IRC and more in testing various drivers with several of the most popular Broadcom Wireless cards Huge Thanks to Chili really. Again, a problem with DMA.

We assume you are doing this from scratch and have not changed any configuration files, modules or drivers in the lonux in any way apart from updating the system.

Broadcom BCMHMG – WikiDevi

Removed from Linux at 2. If you have a Broadcom card that has a different pci. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Bcmm94312hmg to page: Before reading the points mentioned below, be sure to have all repositories enabled on your Ubuntu system.

ID and the method to install the driver associated with it in a simple and correct way. There’s a bug report here concerning that Broadcom chip in Natty that similar to what you’re bcm943122hmg.



Install the rpm, then start at the step after wget in the instructions. In some particular cases, after installing the firmware-binstaller you need to remove the b43 module, enable it again and even proceed to unblock with rfkill:.

bcm94312jmg Aireplay tries to write a packet, the driver wants a free DMA slot for that and can’t because the DMA slots were all taken the driver blocks all dma requests then.

An Internet connection is required.

Peter Mortensen 1, 2 10 With this new information you can look in the table below and select the appropriate method to install your driver. ID you will see that in the columns for Ubuntu In hardware like the Lenovo S, if your wireless card gets stuck trying to connect to an SSID keeps trying to connectthen the alternative to get it working would be to install the bcmwl-kernel-source package Remove any other installed packages related to it.

All times are GMT I think most, if not all, netbooks have an ethernet port. Step 3 was a key step for me.

This bcm94312hjg a common problem to Broadcom wireless chip. This was from the site http: I hope this helps, and I’m cautious of generalizing the above path to resolve the mass issue.

networking – Installing Broadcom Wireless Drivers – Ask Ubuntu

After downloading all packages and dependencies, you can proceed on copying all packages to a single folder and running the dpkg command as mentioned on step 4 above. This problem was solved by the following steps: Secure Boot Issues On some specific scenarios, installing the drivers, be it in offline mode through various DEB packages or through apt-get with internet access, will not work if Bc94312hmg Boot is not disabled.


Page 1 of 2. I’m a user with no advance knowledge in Linux, so I would need clear explanations on how to make, compile, etc.

Once solved, the solution will be added to this howto.

Thank you for your interest in this question. However, I get errors because the netbook is not currently connected to the internet in any way. I tried rfkill list: Jim Rogers 1 4. Forced PIO do the following:. You can either restart your pc or if this is a pain type the following commands in the terminal which will ‘switch on’ your wireless. I have a b43 card and have been lniux Ubuntu with it since 9.

Firmware from userspace is required for device operation.