Yet that -5 turn is about as understable as disc flight ratings get. For example, a left handed player using a backhand throw counter clockwise spin will see an overstable disc fade right, not left. The Deputy is an understable, straight flying putt and approach disc that allows for easy turnovers at high speeds. Discraft Glide – Z. The Tremor holds true for straight to anhyzer lines.

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Discraft Thrasher – ESP.

Best Understable Distance Drivers 2016

All of those are too overstable for my arm. This disc is available in Champion and Star plastics.

Also tried the spectra, but it just seemed too stable for my liking. The only disc that I have that can take everything I have, and deal with the wind, is the Force.

Really a game changer for me. Have to agree with those reccomending the Surge. You might see this one a rating of 0 stability on a putter, a class of disc nest tends to fly slow and straight.

The high glide and low fade allows players with smaller hands and lower arm speeds to throw with precision accuracy, making it a great beginner friendly putter.

My all time fave. So what should I be shopping for?


Best Understable Distance Drivers – Disc Golf Reviewer

The Magnet is a stable flying disc with a slower speed and a consistent mild fade at the end. From the eight disc golfers who riscraft voted, this disc has a rating of 4. I’ve been playing for about 9 mos now and both of these discs ESP have been in my bag for the last 6 mos.

Discraft Archer – Speed: I really like my Stratus it flys straight and and long and really floats in the air. Latitude 64 River – Speed: It has a high turn and fade, which allows for throwers place the JLS exactly where they want it to go. I’m just learning a thumber and I’ve noticed the Z avenger is my best disc for it. A slow released disc will not see much movement in the direction of the spin and will fly straight and fall off opposite the spin direction as it loses speed.

It will forgive errors and help you get a little extra distance. Approved inthe Aviar has been the number one putter in disc golf for over thirty years. The understable driver is the key for giving average disc golfers more distance. This disc has tons of glide and quite a bit of turn which is a great for new players. Especially when throwing into the wind.


The Underworld is yet another great option for an understable fairway driver. It’s been helping my game a lot How?

Check it out on Amazon. It is a stable, consistent, straight flying disc good for short drives, approaches, and chain hunting. In the hands of one of these players, an understable fairway driver will fly relatively straight.

This makes these drivers ideal for turnover shots.

Pro Tips – Top 15 Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

He has been playing disc golf since The River is a very consistent understable driver that has excels in control. The Discraft Elite Z Meteor is an understable mid range driver The Discraft Pro-D Stratus is an understable fairway besr You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I got an ESP Crush that is pretty overstable, i’m not a big fan of it, but I haven’t gotten a chance to beat it in yet