Could you please advise? Related Resources To interact with this component, access the Preview mode. It seems to take longer for dmesg to log anything or for Network Manager to show that the ethernet interface has been disconnected. Scroll down to the setting named VMkernel. This article helped but additional information was required to resolve my issue. Penalver penalvch wrote on Please keep in mind the following:

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Please execute the following command only once, as it will automatically gather debugging information, in a terminal: Changed in linux Ubuntu: RX NetQ allocated on 1 T Also, you don’t need to apport-collect further unless specifically requested to do so.

Linux source code: drivers/net/ethernet/broadcom/tg3.c (v) – Bootlin

Run these commands to reset vmnic1 in this example:. Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you broadxom. Please provide a direct URL to your post to the mailing list when it becomes available so that it may be tracked. This bug report is a duplicate of: Where X, and Y are the first two numbers of the kernel version, and Z is the release candidate number if it exists.


Lastly, to keep this issue relevant to upstream, please continue to test the latest mainline kernel as it becomes available. Inbox drivers are now included with ESXi 5.

Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied! We use cookies for advertising, social media and brooadcom purposes. This article did not resolve my issue. See full activity log.

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Did this article help you? Daniel, despite the duplicate status, to maximize broaadcom probability of this bug being addressed by developers, you will want to contact them as advised in https: You need to enable security on this component, as it could expose confidential information see Allowing User Impersonation.

The aforementioned NIC models are the most commonly affected but this issue can occur with any NIC that uses the tg3 driver. Broadfom might just need to refresh it. Penalver penalvch on Contact your switch vendor to verify that your switch supports 10 GB Network Interfaces.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. If this issue is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tags by clicking on the yellow circle with a black pencil icon, next to the word Tags, located at the bottom of the report description: To revert the change or to enable NetQueue for the tg3 driver, run this command: To work around this issue without upgrading the network driver, disable the NetQueue feature.


View the contents of the esx. This bug affects 1 person.

Daniel, in order to allow additional upstream developers to examine the issue, at your earliest convenience, could you broaddcom test the latest upstream kernel available from http: Y-rcZ Please note, an error to install the kernel does not fit the criteria of kernel- bug-exists- upstream. For 10 GB network adapters connecting to a 1 GB switch, the switch interface should be left to auto negotiate. Penalver penalvch wrote on The ethernet driver will disconnect with dmesg reporting a stack trace and a time out: Daniel, the issue you are reporting is an upstream one.

I got a debug patch from the maintainers, but unfortunately I don’t have any experience in building the kernel. This article resolved my issue. The bug report has been posted to the netdev mailing list: