The thing is though, something is happening that causes the driver to go.. This reinitializes the broadcom wifi drivers without rebooting!! When I turned off power saving on the monitor, the problem disappeared. However, I do NOT use sleep. Friday, May 29, 7:

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This is easier than the Linksys of course, but still doesn’t help. WEP only appears as an option when I select “No authentication. While the connection seems to fail at random there is a sure fire way to make the connection fail. This is not the case.

The system still continues to detect the wireless router however! Tuesday, May 11, In a desperate fit of frustration I decided to try something different.

Download Broadcom Wireless b/g (BCMXX) Driver v Broadcom BCMCB2

The software companies and hardware 8802.11 have to update their software to be fully functional on the new platform. The RC boots up, works ok for a minute or two, then stops. Microsoft needs to make an operating system that is compatible with as much of the past software as possible especially recent products and especially with INTEL.

If you can ping your router, try accessing the setup page. I’ve since reverted to an bcm943xxx, HP supplied driver which has allowed me to at least have some connectivity after reboots.


In the end all I had to do to fix my problem was to change from WPA2 to WEP security on my router wirekess everything has been working perfectly for over a week now. It will stay connected for a seemingly random amount of time ranging from around 1 minute to about 30 minutes.

This may or may not be related but I thought it strange. Some of their hardwares don’t even receive support anymore so they wouldn’t even bother.

Need the latest driver for Broadcom b/g WLAN to XP – HP Support Community –

I can’t give anyone the solution to all the problems noted here with wireless in Windows 7 on laptops, but I can state that I have 3 laptop with various wireless internal cards and they all have functioned properly with Win 7 public beta, Win 7 RC, direless now with Win 7 RTM. I have to reboot to connect again, but the problem happens again using This seems to have solved my internet “flicker”. There are no drivers for 7 for my wifi card.

I noticed everytime it would do a Windows update that was when it would lose connection. Wifi after disable-enable works for a while and then just slows down terrible! I get a message saying low connectivity or no connection at all.


Broadcom Wireless 802.11b/g (BCM943XX) Driver v.

Saturday, October 31, Then it will sort out all the issues. You dont understand what I’m saying.

I am using a WiFi card. Alright Here I wreless with my issues It works well, but of course one will need to switch sharing back on when you get back to the office.

I have been dealing broadcoom new versions of Windows for well over 15 years now and I know this to be a fact. But unable to ping to default gateway suppose it is router.

I would also like some help with this issue exactly the same issue as above on my Dell Inspironelse everything every software is smooth and fast.

Broadcom Wireless 802.11b/g (BCM943XX) Driver v.

IT detected it flawlessly. Wireless card is enabled. It also worked on Build with the latest win7 drivers without a hitch. Monday, October 26, 6: