Start a conversation, ask a question or share your ideas. I tried manually changing the IP address via NASNavigator, and it recognizes no passwords, even the default after the reset. Two more connect the drive to the bracket. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Did you update the firmware on a Mac which is what I have , or am I going to have to make friends with someone who has a PC? If you can connect both, the old drive and the new one to your computer, you can directly clone the partitions. If you have connected both, the old drive, and the new drive to your computer, you need to skip this step.

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However linkstation will only recognise 2TB space, but working fine with the 2TB space. Flashing the firmware fixed the problem both times and it came back up and worked fine. Is there any way of replacing the hard drive — with out cloning it?

Buffalo also suggested refreshing the firmware Please — can someone answer the question about whether the new WD Advanced Format drives are compatible to us IN a linkstation pro? Had to install xfsprogs package using sudo apt-get install xfsprogs on Ubuntu first.

See any errors on this page? Otherwise, you will need to save the partition image to your computer and then dump those onto the new drive. Does anybody now if a RPM disk will do, or does it has to be the slower ones?


Does this method work on a link station D? Any idea of how to replace the drive if i do not have the old one? Once I tapped the correct button, ie; the reset button, it took off and created all the partitions for me!

This process usually works for resetting any router to it’s factory setting. You will need to replace sdf1 and sdf2 with the actual device labels used by the drive.

I tried browser access also via NASNavigator to configure the drive, and Safari was unable to access. I just copied loads of my movie files over to the new disk and yesterday it died beeping noise from the L-250gl. Removed the xfs partition and created a new one buffako remaining space. You will need MB of bugfalo space in your computer for the images. I recall this being the correct procedure for a factory reset: I would be interested in seeing what Buffalo has to say about this.

Software Engineer, Hobbyist Photographer, and a bit of a gadget geek. You can find information on upgrading other models of linkstation devices as well as installing custom firmware at buffalo. I want to thank you for your simple but almost correct method of installing a new hdd in an LSGL. Next I turn on Linkstation and reestablish contact with this via computer.


LinkStation Pro | Buffalo Americas

Reviews 0 Write a review. Otherwise, it’s an American Express warranty claim Is possible to install a 3tb disk on this NAS? As soon as I find someone with a PC I’ll try flashing the firmware and try my luck one last time.

Then turn it back on. Remove the screws behind the circuit board on the aluminum frame it holds the hard drive in place.

Its ok figured it budfalo, now have another problem.

Problems with Buffalo Linkstation 250GL

DrewM, I’ve had very little trouble with those drives, but one of them needed a reboot — once. Bfufalo down everything on the network. If you can connect only one drive to your computer at a time, then connect the old drive and create the images of the first two partitions. Two more connect the drive to the bracket.