But you can put a euro credit on your account, and draw down when you need it. I typed that in. In fact mine was a Wind sim but I thought it might be a common problem. The reason the Cosmote site wouldn’t load was that it can only be accessed from a Cosmote connection, and my iPad was defaulting to wifi even after Cosmote woke up. How common is it? When asked for pin we put in pin1.

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The normal APNs are: Download “Should I Remove Teh I didn’t need a password or username on the iPad. Ijternet bought the sim. We have a locked mifi brick from Wind and two SIMs: BTW, top up online doesn’t work.

They are used solely to improve the performance of our website. Prepaid Telephony Cosmokarta packs What’s up packs. The setup package generally installs about 47 files and is usually about Just using the iPad for something else and a message came up asking me to update Carrier Settings.

The reason the Cosmote site wouldn’t load was that it can only be accessed from a Cosmote connection, and my iPad was defaulting to wifi even after Cosmote woke up.


The primary executable is named wilogapp. We went though this yesterday, not on an iPad though but a laptop.

Versions Version Distribution 3. I’ve used Vodafone Gr contract for the last 5 years, no connection problems with either the Huawei USB stick or a Nokia smartphone. Cookies are essential for connfct. Perhaps “enter” and “create” in Greek are similar?

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OTE customer service is non-existent and I don’t believe their coverage is any better than Vodafone. Never connected the thing to the laptop via the USB cable, always used it as a stand alone bit of kit. My tablet picked up all the APN settings automatically and I could see that it recognised the provider as Wind.

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Just to complete the saga, for the benefit of anyone else who has the same problem. Based on the information that we gather through these programs, we correct technical issues and problems and we constantly improve the services cosote on our site, so that they fulfill the users’ personal needs. How common is it?

After about an hour I took the tablet into the marina office and asked the young lady if she could help me as I didn’t know the password. We have to tell the website we want our money used, I believe. Really reassuring to know it’s not just us, at least! It worked only when Carrier settings were updated Note that “internet” starts with a small “i”. Comments Error posting comment. Will have a beer and try again later, or in the morning.

Then the iPad cellular data screen asks for user name and password.