This item may or may not be in original packaging. Overall quality an d features. Your choice of monitor is what is going to display the image from the PC that you so carefully planned for and built. Depending on your preference, you can set the monitor to portrait or landscape mode. The one item that most people overlook, or at least doesnt give much time or consideration to, is the monitor. This monitor did not automatically plug and play with my Windows XP pc so I had to call Dell and they sent me a driver for it. No getting under the desk just to plug in a flash drive or camera cable.

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There are extra features which I don’t personally use but I would see how someone could find jonitor very useful, such as the 2 USB ports or the optional speaker bar. The offers a wide range of functions, all of which I will touch on later in the review. Connect the USB cable that came with your monitor to the monitor and the computer.

Additional Product Features Monitor Color. Upgrade your workspace or desk area and experience computing on a great screen with the Dell FP monitor. No flaky behavior, unexplained operation or tempermentalness. It did have a small scratch on it so it isn’t perfect but the seller did mention that in their ad. This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition.


Dell 1907FP Computer Monitor User Manual

A friend of mine has had this screen for a while and I most admired it; short of doing really fancy aftwork on it, it’s quite capable and if you don’t want get very fancy this way, you can make some decent settings all in the video card that will do a good job of giving edll screen the last bit of real “pronouncement.

Great picture quality and the adjustablity of the stand.

If you look closely at the stand, you see that the mounting bracket sits rather low on the vertical part of the stand. Switching your monitor OFF and then ON would re-enumerate its USB monitof attached peripherals may take a few seconds to resume normal functionality.

The FP is also equipped with a DisplayPort connector to allow you to pair it with a secondary screen for networking and multi-screen work capability.

About Your Monitor

People who bought this also bought. When I say elegant, I do not mean it in an Apple sort of moniyor, but it was well engineered and pretty straight forward. The styling of the is simple yet elegant. These items are refurbished please refer to the description below for more details.

About Your Monitor: Dell FP For Dell Flat Panel Color Monitor User’s Guide

Today we are taking a look at the Dell UltraSharp fp. Horizontally, you can adjust the FP degrees and adjust it vertically up to degrees. Have purchased 3 of these units over a 7 year span for what wound up as a triple screen multi-display array for a recording studio.


This allows for users to plug their mouse, keyboard and 2 other devices right at their finger tips. This monitor did not automatically plug and play with my Windows XP cell so I had to call Dell and they sent me a driver for it. Show More Show Less. Whether you are shopping for monitors for complex graphic design, high-intensity gaming, or just basic functions, the Dell FPT LCD monitor is a great purchase.

Good for omnitor money. The screen has a the correct level of contrast and brightness consistent with its age. I would like to be able to angle it down a little further since it sits above my primary display.

Resolution is fine and power saving is good. You can also decide on a LCD screen. Matching dual back up monitor We ordered this Dell display to replace one in a dual monitor set up.

Preset Display Modes Display Mode. Skip to main content. There is also a square indention in the middle of the back that is there for mounting the on its included base. The Dell FP is a solid, dependable, basic monitor with some cell features. Also they tilt every direction, And can be raised up and down on the fly.