May be causing a conflict! Now, as much as I’m not fond of Windoze Massive Excrement Awesome stuff I found in this thread! How big are the hard drives or partitions you can successfully access and use with the Nightowl disk? The only common high-speed bus available to them is the backplane ISA bus. However, I did not try this CD on my home PC yet as I first wanted to see whether things were caused by my wireless keyboard. The first partition on my external drive is seen as the first drive thus C:

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USB for Dos?

I appreciate you helping a noob cut to the chase. This is possible, and I have a working prototype that is simple to use. I will go thorugh it once or twice more and try to figure out what I am confused on.

I created a bootable CD with Ghost on it but when starting I get an error saying that I need to eject the disc and to press a key. I started ghost and created an image of roughly MB of one drive successfully.

They look like this: Several functions may not work. Ghost keeps track of the partitions differently than WinXP–it’s based on drive number as determined by the order dl1000 on the system and then by partition number on that particular drive.


When I do the backup, I set everything from windows, so the drive letter assignment should not be a problem. Can anyone think of a way to get this any faster?

DOS BOOT from USB HDD – Lenovo Community

That way I can have a staging machine where I can try stuff out. Beyond that years ago–only USB 1. I’m just a software guy, and due to that limitation normally stick with supported hardware ie stuff that was once comercially available.

Well, I see two different stated goals: I followed your instructions in your project 1 guide and modified it to ri1000 the following files in the image: So, you decide which boot set you wish to work on I was getting a data transfer rate of over mb per min usb2 and 89mb per minute on the lower spec. It’s been about 6 months since I read this board.

NightOwl wrote on Jan 20 that 2: I’ve also tried a Maxtor 1 Touch external drive. Upgraded my bios and found that now the usb keyboard and mouse options had legacy next to them. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.


accessing USB Thumb drives from DOS – Page 2

I was hoping that such strange behaviour has already been observed or even solved I HAVE used it successfully before, it “did it’s thing” automatically NightOwl wrote on Oct 23 rdat BAT, although such is not reflected in the illustrations.

After booting with the system floppy and you are at the A: Is this the “isohybrid” method that you’re using, then?

Now, as much as I’m not fond of Windoze Massive Excrement The reason I do not load the driver in config. Read error in partition read. Didn’t mean to bug you.

I’m going to use your posting details to try and re-create what you have done to see if I can find any problems and duplicate your issues. Let me try to find it and provide references.

Can’t, as far as I know!

Remove all the entries, and replace it with: