Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews. It was easy to set up once the software was installed. Still, all other factors being equal, I’d pick a bit scanner over a bit one any day of the week. Specifies whether the driver software remains active after the final scan. The scanner comes with a copy of Adobe’s excellent Elements image-manipulation program. Scanner technology continues to advance, so it’s impossible to say how it will stack up in the market six months or a year from now.

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Saved job files show up in the far left column of the Correction tab, with a scroll bar so that you can zip through various settings and determine the one you would like to apply. Here you will be given a list of startup settings that you can change.

RyanFleser Replied on August 29, Performs the actual scan. It was easy to set up once the software was installed. Posted on Apr 03, Be the first to answer. There are no dislikes but be aware that the loading and scanning process is slow due, which is necessary to not smudge or damage the films.

Finally, the Dark Part Protection Level prevents sharpening from being applied to dark areas of the image. The Smooth Curves button, on the left side of the pencil button, smoothes out any points on the curve.

For example, you might select a high contrast area of the frame which will be easier for the scanner to judge focus from. Free trial download for testing. Dul simply lift up the top pressure plate, position the film in the bottom tray lining up frames with their indicated slotsand replace the top plate.


Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Scanner | eBay

Overall, the Auto Dust Brush feature is useful, and will doubtless save many amateurs countless hours of retouching dust specks from their scans, but for professional use it’s no match for Digital ICE. Once it’s been inserted to the detent, the transport mechanism pulls it into the scanner body, and moves it back and forth into position so that the CCD can scan each frame.

Index scan, 6 frames, “Speed” preference Index scan, csan frames, “Quality” preference. That is, to a very narrow range of colors around the one selected, or to a broader range of hues. Answered on Apr 09, This is a somewhat subjective evaluation. Auto Focus at Scan: Given the very low resolution of the index scans, there’s really no need for focusing on each frame, and the time this takes is appreciable.

Along the top of the screen are several control buttons and pulldown menus, while the bottom of the screen is divided into a preview area and utility window. Various options for this feature can be set via the Pixel Polish panel of the main control screen.

Select Hardware tab, then select Properties 9. How satisfied are you with this response? That is, adding cyan to an image is equivalent to removing red, adding magenta is the same as removing green, and adding yellow dmiage the same as removing blue.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III

All of the reviews gave glowing remarks on its ease of use, software, and picture quality. It will invoke auto-focus at this point if that feature is chosen in the preferences window. af-240


The Wizard screens would require more space to display here than I want to take here, but they basically let you set up essentially every parameter available on the other screens shown below, and assign them to user-defined scan setups. Close Utility After Rimage The only problem came in trying to remove the slides, as it was a little difficult to slide them out without accidentally touching the image frame.

An optional APS adapter is sold separately.

Compared to my previous flatbed scans, the difference was obvious. The scanner after all has to have af-840 lens in it, and lens design is always a juggling act, trying to get the best quality across the entire frame. Here’s what the Easy Scan utility’s user interface looks like:.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Scanner

I have to admit that I saw very little difference in image quality between the two settings, and the time difference wasn’t all that great either. Displays a split screen showing the current image correction and the dhal image.

When you insert a holder into the scanner, it slides easily until it reaches a click-detent.