It was the longest and straightest driver I hit in the test. If your in the market for a new set of clubs i recommend you give them a demo before making your decision to buy any of the others on the market. This is due to the vivid colour schemes which Ping offer. As George loosened up, however, his slice turned into a gentle fade. Took 6 days for delivery and loving them. Like a diesel engine, George needed some time to warm up during his fitting.

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Building the perfect driver was a long way off and still isbut Jertson was excited where Ping had landed with the G We reckon this is the best-looking 3-wood Ping has ever made, and it certainly jumps right to the top of our must-have list. Added 20 yards at least to drives.

You absolutely need the right shaft combination with the lie.

Ping G10 stiff or regular shaft

Ball flight is true and now that I’m getting used to it off the tee it’s a great go to club. Sorry, there was an angls in submitting your review.

Ethan Global Moderator Sep 20, G10 irons are in my future forfaec G10 would be a nice complement to those. For that reason, he switched George from the 8.


Ping G10 stiff or regular shaft | Golf Monthly

Super low-spin drivers were all faace rage at the time. One of the most impressive features of the G10 is its forgiveness.

This is a great club to look at and the longer heel-to-toe length gives you confidence at address. Miller Mar 21, at The G10 fits in nicely alongside any other driver in the market with its perfect looks.

I’m looking to keep the ball flight down and I have a very high swing speed for my handicap mph anglee average. I hit five shots with each driver on Trackman IV, and to ensure as much of an apples-to-apples comparison as possible, I tested each driver head with the same shaft.

If I can get this thing under control, I think I am going to be very happy. His work has been published in pig Western Gazette” newspaper and online at Footballfancast. Short Irons Short irons are used to play shots onto the green and towards the flag. I saw an average of a 1.

With their forward center of gravity, they were helping golfers optimize their launch conditions beyond their wildest dreams: It also helped him eliminate his miss to the right and easily execute his preferred right-to-left ball flight.

Also, the increased ball speed could very well be due to the longer shaft. I must say Ping G 10 wins the contest I drove the ball over hazzards that I could not before!


PING G10 Fairway Wood Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

TaylorMade M1 And as Brian put it: Although there does not appear to be that much faec in design to the G5 once you hit it you will realise what all the hype is about.

Feb 22, at I must say Ping G 10 wins the contest. Do you remember what the backspin figure was?

Instruction 1 month ago. Jack Nicklaus is teeing it with his grandson, G.

Ping G10 Driver

Please try again later! I am quite happy with my current TM Superquad and have stated to many of my playing partners that I cannot foresee replacing it anytime soon, perhaps I was wrong. If your in the market for a new set of clubs i recommend you give them a demo before making your decision to buy any of the others on the market. With a driver how much more could someone ask for?