USB disconnect, address 5 alberto alberto: At least for some of our Huawei usb keys! I will attach the logfiles of my attempts. And thanks for solving this annoying bug. There have been two kernel updates in Karmic since release as far as I noticed. I still need it to switch the key into modem mode from productId to C , but then have to dial using Kppp, and lose the connection management features. It’s the way karmic recognizes the usb device.

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It seems there is no new firmware from medion for this stick and flashing with firmware of another provider ends with a question for the right password.

Martin Pitt pitti on Alfonso Rodriguez jalroca on So I find Ubuntu one of the best distributions out there and I would like to thank all who helped out here very much. Don’t know huaqei what I did but finally it’s working. Some of them were similar to your problems.

TronProg: Programming and Computers: Huawei E in Linux Kubuntu Karmic

This is a -different- issue that the one we’ve been tracked and it has a simple workaround obviously. I click on ‘Drei’.


Make sure to CC me and Alan Stern if you open the bug yourself. Using interface ppp0 Jan 8 Here’s the “final” patch that unless major problem or end of the world, Greg will send to Linus and apply to -stable tomorrow:.

Huawei E1692 On Linux HOWTO

I’ll sleep on it and see what Monday brings as far as the meta-package issue goes. I believe that I have found problem and this is ybuntu firmware problem!!!!!!

It was the same with my bluetooth connection too but luckily i was able to fix it by this http: I live in Sweden and use a Huawei E No additional sense information Jan 8 I can confirm this – had the same experience – but: After upgrading their modem’s firmware to the version available at this link, many people reported their Es were now working.

This is indeed a concern.

Ubunhu noticed that – at least not for Jaunty It’ll be closed when it goes to -updates. I have huawei E and I have this problem that the machine goes coo-coo on that one message that it displays incessantly:.

It’s the last kernel, where my E works.


Still, it seems like a step in the proper direction. Agente Roger Agente Roger Messaggi: For austrian drei-users, there is also a small bug here still needs to be confirmed: Then I didn’t use it more than a month. And hjawei for solving this annoying bug. I only still notice mounting of the drive which I don’t bother whether it’s mounted or not. My EG still doesn’t works with proposed kernel.

Huawei E On Linux HOWTO

Even Mark Shuttleworth’s home country is badly bitten by this bug. As soon as karmic detects E I try to connect and it just unmounts. You can anytime deinstall this kernel with sudo dpkg -P linux-image- 2. Please open a new bug and collect all apport logs for that huuawei issue. As someone who’s only option for affordable broadband access is via HSDPA I would vote for this being including in the official release.