In some ways I find tape easier with respect to archiving as well as the simplicity to quickly load a tape and watch it on a tv. Review summary Editor’s note: It is too expensive to have a decent recording time without downloading to your PC. Now you can have full monitoring of all camera functions, and full picture display, simultaneously. We asked ourselves that same question — 4: Now I’m having trouble getting the computer to recognize the camera so I can upgrade the firmware. For 24P or 30P users, filmmakers, commercial producers, etc.

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Additionally it offers genuine 24p and 30p recording, and p recording in variable frame rates. OK, I finally got a P2 card after having my camera for months, Yahoo! We prefer to ignore that, and instead focus on the actual ramifications involved with each camera.

Okay, frame rates and resolution aside, what is this camera like? The camcorder builds on the overwhelming success of the original AG-HVX, with the addition of some much sought-after revisions. Stereo Mini x 1 USB: Other than pie-in-the-sky requests, it looks like Panasonic is delivering almost every item we requested.

Leica Dicomar 13x Zoom 4. The photos click to enlarge. CNET may get a commission from these offers. The best thing about it?

Problems Installing USB Driver for HVX200A.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Silky Serge from The swiss army knife of cameras. Don’t show handhelc again. Setting multiple cameras to match is now a much, much simpler process. The most important new feature is an updated sensor, which yields higher sensitivity, creating less noise in low-light situations.


We have an HPX I don’t know the camera well.

However, tape can’t compare with the P2 file meta tagging which allows you to quickly search through your archived files as well as adding voice and text notes to any part of the clip. The JVC offers recording to tape, and also an optional onboard hard disk recorder. You will need a very large hard drive or other storage medium to archive the files in the virtual P2 cards. The HVX supports everything the other cameras do, and much more. With excellent video quality, a long list of video, still and time-lapse options and a We hajdheld ourselves that same question — 4: The operation manual is lacking in it’s explanation of P2 workflow.

The camera is heavy in comparison to consumer cameras but this is to be expected given it’s capabilities. Trade In Your Gear for Cash.

Panasonic AG-HVXA 1/3″ 3CCD P2 HD/DV AG-HVXAPS B&H

Review Sections Review Prices Specs. I personally shoot mostly academic and industrial doc style videos but I have edited a feature that was shot with this camera and I have to say the footage looks as good if not better than a feature I shot with the original VariCam using Canon cine Prime lenses. I can’t tell you how many times those options have saved me. When shooting high-definition video at p, it can record at 24P, 30P, and 60P, but also at a wide variety of frame rates in-between.


Finally, Panasonic has incorporated an SD memory card slot for the storage and transfer of camera settings and shot metadata. I click the “Install” button and I get a beep.

Sony, JVC, Canon, thank you for playing. Special Coaxial x1 Input Power Requirements 7. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Most Requested I have been looking for a good inexpensive camera for a couple of hqndheld now, and I remember hearing this camera on several occasions. Hi Erik, I’m a total novice and am experiencing the same problem with loading the P2 driver from the CD on my hvxx200 pc running Vista.

It automatically caches whatever the camera was looking at, so when you press the “record” button, it commits that buffered recording to memory, and continues recording from there — very handy for times when you’re whale-watching, for example, and the whale breaches, catching you unaware.