A new driver is out for the IBM dual band wireless card on sourceforge. The first one knows about wheel events, so it can forward them properly. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. It also seems that the “hdparm -S” command to set standby default delay is not working with my T Please do NOT send private messages since I won’t be able to read them.

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The underlying protocol didn’t change, so you still can communicate even if both peers don’t aheros the same package version. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Sometime Airmail miss some postage, we will refund price and shipping fee when you can not get your item.

I’m rather satisfied this time, by the stability of this version. I previously tried the Windows 7 beta version and everything except for the touchpad is working fine. The new cpufreq stuff now works with Pentium-M processors, and provides an interface to the enhanced speed step ztheros of this processor, without the need to use ACPI. Then I reinserted the Infineon memory chip back in the supplementary memory slot on the bottom of the machine.

Linux on the Thinkpad T40

I you prefer to enter in a mode saving more power, just write to this interface: Unsolicited private messages will be ignored – questions t400 answers belong in the forum so that others may benefit. Verify that all drive show in test array All drives show as expected Pass.


All the mentioned pins are on the upper side so it’s quite easy to get to them with a multimeter. It is dangerous to mess with your BIOS, you can easily make your machine unbootable. The technical challenge is interesting. At startup, the performance file always tells that the processor is in P0 mode. The synaptics XFree86 mouse driver provides support for the TouchPad including tap on the touchpad to do a click, and the two buttons located below 4t0 touchpad are supported, so you have to emulate the third mouse button in this configuration.

The memtester userland program did successfully run atehros hours long without problem, and the memtest86 program did successfully run during a whole night, 7 passes with defaults tests.

Linux on the IBM Thinkpad T40

Without the possibility to properly enter in suspend mode in ACPI, I gave up, and reinstalled the APM modules both cannot coexist so a choice has to be done. We partner with the largest computer part wholesalers throughout the United States and provide the highest quality products available.

New other see details: The program identifies a Synaptics Touchpad, but the detected firmware version single-byte mode disables this interesting option:. G40 series May require antenna installation. Another program, speedfreqaddresses the same issue but only works with the cpufreq interface of the 2. In fact, when you start Linux on battery mode, the processor is in P5 mode MHzaltough the performance file tells that the processor is in P0 mode.


I received yesterday from IBM a set of recovery CD, that didn’t helped me to regerate the predesktop area.

Minimum monthly payments are required. A GPL driver is going to be written for the Atheros cards pci id c: This project doesn’t show much activity, and the best place now to get athreos for the Atheros cards that come with the T40 is the Madwifi project.

Please do NOT send private messages since I won’t be able to read them.

Atheros IBM Lenovo ARa Wireless Card G x30 x31 x40 r40 r50 r51 t40 t41 | eBay

I could transfer several GB of data over the radio. The best place is the left MiniPCI latch arm. The advantage is that ACPI is not required for cpufreq. You can apply the patch gnome-applets-wireless-link-range I clearly noticed that overall disk access timings were greatly improved.

DO NOT make any assumptions as to any licensing being part of an item. New other see details Quantity: Read more about the condition. Using regular ACPI from the 2.