I’ll probably still use the ‘buntu’s first, since I know them better and have customizing scripts already written. Sugar on a Stick [Education] We are going to stick with our current base, and continue to improve what we have rather than jumping head first into a new distribution so quickly. I put a lot of time into Aurora, but it’s pretty far behind which is no-one’s fault, the team just got busy. Logically it should be called ‘Feduntu’.

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Look forward to see where their roadmap is going next when will leave gnome Definitely not a “garbage salad”. All fairly standard stuff for modern distributions really.

I’ve used Fuduntu on and off for udb few years now and think it is great for when I just need a quick Linux system up and running. It’s a recursive problem They tested release 1, when release 5 was available.

YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator

Add GRUB partition 4 option. Fix Eset, avira, and Dr.

This appeals to more users out there. If my client didn’t struggle so to vuduntu it I would be more inclined to do it I tested Fedora 15 as a base for a new version of Fuduntu, but didn’t think it was ready yet.


It also seems to ship codecs which is problematic to say the least, right ueb they likely get away with it on account of being a tiny project with no real impact.

Well, it turns out Fedora can go there, perhaps not in its vanilla form, but once pimped install properly, then it merits inclusion too. Saw it’s got vlc 2. In fact, full brightness is in there at least twice.

I may test this out for sake of performance comparison. Fix various broken links. The easiest way to find a package is to type the name in the search box and click find. I think you are right about Simple scan.

Introducing Fuduntu [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Drop-down now displays Volume Label, and Capacity of each drive. Once again, I recreated the initramfs file, and Nvidia driver loaded, but not the desktop. Only thing I can gather is they do not understand the reasoning for no powerpc port. TY for the idea. However, when running as root, the service started as fine, except there’s no Netflix where I live, because I am the world’s second-grade citizen.



A list of applications that can be installed appear in the right hand pane. There were no crashes or bugs of any kind, which is not what you would expect from a Fedora.

How come this distro has no mention on distrowatch?

The name being Fuduntu was not meant to be Fubuntu, like a different desktop environment of Ubuntu. Add support for Rescatux ISO can’t use sg2d version. D Well the controls do work, however, there is no neat linear brightness increase.

Fedora 20 USB boot problem [closed] – Ask Fedora: Community Knowledge Base and Support Forum

Home Disclaimer Privacy Policy Contact. Not to say you haven’t done a good job, though. Update to support Fedora Others report significant improvements on other models. Both are obvious rip-offs of trademark names. True I like Funora, but Fuduntu works as well.