Under-emphasis pushes instruments to the back of the mix. My guess it’s because of the sweat. The headphone’s kind of jut out like Shrek ears. Since I buy the square trade warranty I live dangerously I have tried other Bluetooth headphones in the past and range was horrendous compared to these and many cheaper headphones fail to support videos, and you end up having the Audio not synced with the sound. Some of the more advanced users, are able to read and evaluate headphone frequency response in its raw form and without compensation. Jaybird claims the X2 gets roughly 8 hours of battery life, but your results will vary with your volume levels. The sub-bass synth hits that punctuate the loop are delivered with some serious depth—bass lovers will be pleased.

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Thanks for a useful site. Also, their passive isolation is more than enough for the ambient noise of a gym but might be a bit too closed for runners and bikers that have to monitor their environment for cars and traffic.

The overall amount of harmonic distortion measured at dB SPL. They’re also wireless and sufficiently compact to carry around on your person everywhere you go.

Jaybird X2 vs Jaybird X3: Pros & Cons and Verdict

This way, there is no interruption from your workout routine. When the headphones are going to be used for long durations. If you plan on using the headphones while doing sports or other physical activities that requires a lot of movement.


Also, because these headphones have a closed-back enclosure, jaybbird soundstage won’t be perceived to be as open as that of open-back earbuds like the Apple AirPodsGoogle Pixel Budsor the Bose SoundSport Free. As a result, there is a noticeable improvement in the design of X3. jaubird

Jaybird X2 Review & Rating |

This ensures a tight bass and a transparent treble reproduction. The right earbud would constantly fall out, especially when trying to use the volume control. They’re also very lightweight and dense enough, to not get damaged from a couple of drops.

Near Field Communication technology that allows you to quickly, pair your headphones with your Bluetooth and NFC-enabled device.

Design The look of the sweat-proof X2 is, appropriately, very sporty. When a true reproduction of the stereo image is desired. The X2 are likely to fit most sets of ears, unique as they may be, with only a little bit of adjustment out of the box.

Rated 3 out of 5 jaybigd Anonymous from Jaybird I didn’t even get past one day with these.

For further details see delivery estimates in cart. Updated Feb 05, Therefore a balanced and true representation of bass, mids, treble, soundstage and imaging, as well as a comfortable uaybird experience, is essential for critical listening.

Jaybird X2 vs Jaybird X3: Pros & Cons and Verdict

Mostly felt than heard. The subtle, unwanted frequencies harmonics produced alongside the intended frequencies. Tim Gideon Contributing Editor, Audio.


Mobility and Design The only problem that I have with this pair is with the 2x ear tips. Here you can vote for our next review.

A value of 10 indicates a fully open headphone, and a value of 0 indicates a fully closed headphone. In fact, for an exercise-focused pair, this is a notably accurate-sounding pair of earphones. This is ideal when you and your partner want to listen to the same audio or watch a movie together, but with your own set of headphones to get the best audio experience.

Though both Bluetooth versions do not offer signal loss or connectivity problems as such, the presence of more options definitely helps and this is why X3 is better. In terms of design, X3 is a clear winner because the design is a lot stronger and the earbuds fit extremely well when compared to X2. Still, the case is large enough to hold all of the included accessories.

This value is responsible for the perceived size of the soundstage. Battery Life and Charging 1. High latency means you will hear the audio much later than the images you see on screen. If you like headphone fit to be more “pressed into your ears” then these aren’t for you.