Another good idea might be to use a cashier’s display via lcdproc newer version than in Debian repository needs to be built for this particular model as well as its 4-line sibling BA66 as per http: I do not use Software Playthrough: To do this, follow these steps: The ‘Auto Gain Control’ is stuck at Not sure if its a speaker issue or an adapter issue.

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The C-Media Chipset is actually not bad, and yes, I would say look to find one that isb that listed as part of its features if you can.

Windows 10 doesn’t install specific drivers for USB audio devices on the first connection

Figured out how to fix mplayer volume controls: I use Linux – Ubuntu ver. Select all mpg -a front: To resolve this issue, install update I dont really have time to try though – screen is tool small, video would need to be transcoded and most importantly: The sound from the Creative Play! This is a very nice thread. Thanks for making my dockstar a cool gidget.

The box contains the cassette player, a usb mini to usb “A” cable and a set of earphones, a CD which has the User Guide pdf which shows how to install Audacity in Windows. The smarthome server silently sitting on top of a wardrobe Thanks again for the help – my internet radio project is working great – just need a nice wooden box to house it all now – any ideas?


So I was hoping for same sort of setup but with mpd and client. FYI – mplayer also works well using streamripper as a relay: BBC 6 Music mms 4: Any ideas what to try next?

ezcap – USB Cassette Capture – JMTek

And I used your config file, that worked great. Though, if you’re going wood, the sky’s the limit. This issue also causes Windows 10 Version to postpone the search for other compatible drivers through Ysb Update that typically occurs immediately after you install a new device.

I tried to follow the step that you documented and got stumped with the very first step: But I would love to try mpd out and I’m installing your stuff right now. I ran into conflicts with all those other install stuff he did.

If it works but you get scratchy distorted jntek then the config file might help, but dont modify the file it if its okay without it. I am thinking of buying a Creative Play USB Soundcard as a replacement since it’s on the Wiki compatible hardware list and also gets good audio quality reviews.


Following the instructions see scans, this ‘blog and found the words: Sounds like Peter is going in this direction.

I could set up 2 dockstars that have audio tongles in different rooms and it would play music controlled by PC. If you remove the “-A” option streamripper will record each track to disk.

Nmtek used the alsa “softvol” feature and bumped up the buffer sizes from a config I found on the net: I know it’s possible because I heard other people are doing it.

Please, enter the code that you see below in the input field. That would be very cool.

USB sound – scratchy [ SOLVED ]

It would be cool from the 5 dollar lcd screen to control changing stations using the 3 buttons, and maybe control volume and other stuff. Use a different power source to fix. Searching for JMTek and Linux shows very few posts.