Effects of crystalloid resuscitation on hepatic gluconeogenic intermediates in hemorrhagic shock. Effects of cyclosporin a and dexamethasone on macrophage functions in vitro. Effects of corticotropin-releasing hormone and stresscopin on vascular endothelial growth factor mRNA expression in cultured early human extravillous trophoblasts. Effects of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase inhibition by rolipram and ORG on histamine-stimulated inositol phosphate accumulation in airway smooth muscle. Effects of crushed rapeseed on pig performance, and on carcass, meat and lipid quality characteristics. Effects of cytokines on the activity of antigen specific suppressor t cells. Effects of corticotropin-releasing hormone administration in patients suffering from sleep apnea syndrome.

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Effects of crop load and low soil moisture on physiology and root dynamics in seyval grapevines.

Effects of cumulus cells and hormones during in vitro maturation on the parthenogenetic activation of bovine oocytes. Effects of cytochalasins phloretin and calcium free solutions on electrical resistance of rabbit corneal endothelium. Effects of cover crop decomposition stages on growth of two fungi in vitro.

Effects of crystal morphology on the physiochemical lmb-pd of a dehydrated material, GW Effects of culture substrates on lmb-pcc optic nerve oligodendrocytes. Effects of corticosterone and stress on spatial learning, hippocampal plasticity and neuron loss.

Effects of corticosterone on the uptake of dopamine in the mouse adrenal mouse adrenal gland. Effects of correcting anemia by recombinant human erythropoietin rhuepo on body fluid distribution of chronic uremic. Effects of cyclophosphamide on populations of T and B lymphocytes in chickens against Mareks disease.


Effects of crop load and low soil moisture conditions on photosynthesis and carbohydrate partitioning in Seyval grapevines. Effects of cyclosporin A preparations and their vehicles on guinea pig isolated gallbladder strips.

Effects of cytokines on the differentiation of proliferating cells.

Effects of cyclosporin A on prostaglandin and osteocalcin production by human osteoblasts and the osteosarcoma line MG Effects of crop species on epiphytic microflora and of silage lmb–pc on the microbial succession during the ensiling process. Effects of cutting on the population dynamics of main insect pests on alfalfa. Effects of cyclooxygenase inhibition on the renal actions of atrial natriuretic prohormone fragment in normal dogs.

Leel of cysteine protease inhibitor on the neuro-development in cultured rat embryo A lectin-binding study. Effects of curare on serotonin type 3 receptor -mediated response in rat hippocampal dentate neurones; A slice-patch study.

Effects of crop rotation and tillage on seedling diseases of white lupin. Effects of cultivar and postharvest treatments on some quality attributes of onions.

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Effects of culture on economic performance and grassland degradation the case of Tibetans and Mongolians in the Qinghai Lake area. Effects of cytokines on the survival of early human hematopoietic progenitor cells.

Effects of cover crops on populations of fungi in soils and on fungal colonization of potato lkb-pc. Effects of cyclic GMP modulators on the growth of human brain tumor cells. Effects of corn bran fiber on lipid lmmb-pc and selected nutrients in human subjects. Effects of cultured medium derived from purified lymphokine-activated killer cells on survival and growth of normal blood cells and leukemia cells.


Effects of cyclopiazonic acid on contractions of isolated human vas deferens. Effects of cross-sectional stress-relaxation on handling characteristics of suture materials.


Effects of counseling workshops utilizing familiar woodland. Effects of coronary artery aneurysms on intracoronary flow velocity dynamics in Kawasaki l,b-pc. Effects of cyclosporin on intimal hyperplasia in an experimental model Preliminary results. Effects of cyclooxygenase inhibition on acute renal compensatory adaptations in the rat. Effects of culture and freezing on activities of pancreatic islets. Effects of crop rotations, winter and summer cover crops, and minimum-till on pepper and sweet corn production.

Effects of culture conditions on the phenotype and function of a cloned human nk cell line.

Effects of cough on systolic blood pressure during epidural anesthesia.