The 14×14 mm chiclet keys would otherwise contribute a lot toward a high rating. The sound quality is truly better than that of most other notebooks. We will update this review as soon as we receive the new sample, which is already on the way. In the horizontal plane, you can still recognize what’s on the screen when standing right next to the notebook, although the screen brightness does drop off at about 45 degrees. Moreover, the volume can be turned up a good deal before it sounds distorted.

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MSI GX660 Series

High-end DirectX 11 graphics card based on a desktop HD Since tturbo cables for the monitor, external hard drive and power can be hooked up in the back, there are less cables cluttering up the desktop than if these things were attached at the side of the notebook. Nvidia Graphics Card, GX: That is to say, even under long-lasting stress, the GXR’s hardware still functions at full capacity. Starcraft 2 cannot be left out of current gaming benchmarks.

If you’re thinking about purchasing the MSI GX, keep in gurbo that the gaming notebook’s 9-cell battery does not contribute to a long battery life and it’s always best to have a power outlet near-by.

MSI GX Series – External Reviews

Just about everywhere, MSI’s notebooks are branded as such, but the company also offers barebones notebooks that are sold by other businesses under their own tudbo. In the horizontal plane, you can still recognize what’s on the screen when standing right next to the notebook, although the screen brightness does drop off at about 45 degrees.


mis The best multitools of From weapons to works of art: Powerful hardware is in place here and should be able to smoothly run games. Crysis was for a long time the most graphics-intensive game out there and is therefore still used as part of our graphics benchmarks. O bDec 18,in forum: MSI has gone with a sleeker and simpler design for this model.

Above the keyboard is a row of special function buttons and the power button. Finally, the DVD burner is also found on the right side.

According to MSI, various changes have been made to the models that will be available for purchase including improvements in the keyboard and the introduction of a full-HD display.

Art Deco on wheels: At fps with low detail settings and 56 fps with high detail settings, the game runs perfectly smoothly. The standard clock rate comes to 1. The Intel WiFi Link card supplies the notebook with the Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. In spite of this, the case is quite resistant to twisting, xg660 no danger of the case becoming warped. Performance is as agressive as we’d expect for the money, but there is also a wealth of extra features, clever design additions and impressive components that make this a very competitively priced laptop.


Keyboard – keys.

MSI GX Gaming Intel Turbo Boost Windows 7 Shoferët Software Laptop

LCD – Size Negatory on the turbo. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. A Commodore 64 made of Lego is surely the answer to all mxi prayers.

The Return of the King. Wireless LAN – In the end, the keyboard plays a more important role than the touchpad, which is usually replaced by a mouse in any case. If you need better cooling just google those 2 things.

These buttons allow you to turn on or off the keyboard backlight, the case lighting and the turbo mode, for example.

Cooling with the QM also has to be more intensive than with smaller CPUs, which is why the QM is usually built into larger turb.

Other than that, the notebook has shown that it can make quite a lot of noise, either with its nice speaker system or—less pleasantly—with its cooling system.

Million-core neuromorphic supercomputer could simulate an entire mouse brain.