MSI has been dealing with this ever since they adopted MXM modules for their top gaming notebook models. William October 4, Posted May 19, edited. The first one should be available for inspection from any system, it is a PEM encoded certificate. And, by the way, these power ratings are overclocked-to-the-max power ratings. Many thanks so far. Fernando Show info Posts:.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Notify me by email when the comment gets approved. Thanks svl7, I’ll double check to make sure, hopefully it’s one less thing I’ll have to work on before getting to the good stuff overclocking, benchmarking, then gaming. Posted December 30, To my knowledge, there is already a similar toolwith some disadvantages: This is the same reference MXM module design for the and also.

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I could make it to work with files outside the folder, but why not keep it simple? The next challenge is to cool down the beast. What is your issue? Posted January 3, By svl7December 30, in Alienware. Hello, I am looking into upgrading my graphics card: Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Or maybe you can find new bugs to report.


I’m personally going to add two extra heatpipes to my own laptop to cool the cpu better. I noticed that Nvidia trusts mmxm in the data from NPDE rather than PCI DS, so there is one particular case where I need users to test some things, but this is rather limited, so I would rather discuss it when it happens. The rom file must exist in carrd same folder as the batch file for it to work.

I want to know how to fix black screen after sleeping using m. But i have the same issue with the legacy boot option rom, i can’t disabled it and I get 8 bips on boot with the new card.

I saw several images from Nvidia with this class-code, they all used the official GOP.

But, according to MSI, there are just too many differences between the 9-series and the series to make a similar upgrade kit possible. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3.

If you have Python 3. My intuition for what it’s worth says that you might be okay power-wise as long as you don’t overclock. This is where screws attach the MXM to the motherboard so it won’t come loose from its connector.

This concerns only the extraction, obviously.

Both include the required UEFI drivers, and should therefor fix this issue. I currently have a Quadro KM 4GB and I was wondering if that is the most powerful mxm-a card or is there a cadd one? I do not know if there were any vBIOS issues. Link for Wifi mod should be OK now.


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This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. And would you recommend going the eGPU way? Posted May 19, edited. Not sure if these cards can actually use the GOP. It seems to fix the problem, but I saw lot of MSI users had same kind of issue even with brand new laptops: The good news is that, if you have room for the module and you can deal with the change of one motherboard mounting point, it will probably fit.

And if yes what would be your recommendation? The current situation is that the cards still have a legacy ROM part, which makes it a hybrid firmware.